A Revival Wave Could Be Coming

"When God starts to move, all man-made plans become futile and worthless, and are swept away like an umbrella in a mighty hurricane."

-Brother Yun

The American church, in her recent history, has not experienced the Lord move in a ground shaking, millions of people coming to Christ, supernatural awakening kind of way. The purpose of this brief article is not to delve into the reasons why God does what He does. He is absolutely sovereign and He does what He wants. A quick glance may reveal that instead of depending on the Spirit, most ministers in the states turn to the latest method gained from the hottest book or the most thrilling conference. We often put far too much stock in our theological education. We easily forget Jesus called the disciples who were untrained and ordinary. They became incredible scholars but they never forgot these powerful words from the lips of Jesus, "Apart from me you can do nothing." Pride has been slowly killing our churches which are full of experts but not full of the Holy Ghost. You cannot be full of pride and the Holy Spirit at the same time.

Be encouraged! A revival wave could be near. Many have been brought to a place of desperation. Normally, the church does well under excruciating circumstances. The persecuted church, in closed countries, with very few M.Divs and few dollars must be totally dependent upon the Lord. We continue to see great movements of the Lord in churches in places like Iran, Chi*a, and not-so-far-away Cuba. Adversity is where true power lies for all believers according to 2 Cor 12:10. Paul learned he was at his best when his strength was spent, and he tapped into the Lord's strength. He wrote, "I am content with weaknesses, insults, hardships, persecutions, and calamities. For when I am weak, then I am strong." (ESV)

So far in 2021, pastors are rallying believers in the states to cry out to the Lord for genuine revival. The word "revive" means to return to life, to flourish again.(Merriam Webster) In January, over 1 million young people prayed together from across denomination lines in a fast called Roaring Twenties Fast. In addition to a revival among the saved, there are millions of Christians in the states begging the Lord for a spiritual awakening because eternity hangs in the balance for so many who have yet to turn from their sins and believe in the only one who can save them.

"Will you not revive us again, that your people may rejoice in you?" Psalm 85:6

Throughout church history, when God's people humble themselves, and cry to heaven, heaven listens. Many times the Lord has moved in miraculous ways through his church during the darkest of days. I believe God is about to move mightily in the American church. He has been purifying his bride through the Covid Pandemic. Families have become closer. Covid has increased our focus on the mission. Saddleback Church in California saw 16,000 people come to faith in Christ during 2020 and 12,000 of those were through face to face evangelism. Saddleback saw an average of 80 people a day come to Christ-80 per day!