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“‘Must you go to China? How much nicer it would be to stay here and serve the Lord at home!’ She made it plain at last that she would not go to China.” – J. Hudson Taylor’s new ex-girlfriend



“Brett Frazier is a guy I’ve watched over the years serve faithfully.  He is one of those salt of the earth kind of people who I wish I could hang around more.  A serious catalyst and mobilizer for the gospel, and I’ve never felt him to be anything but genuine.  He bleeds it.” 

Matt Papa, Songwriter/Worship Leader/Author

"My wife and I have known Brett Frazier now for many years. He spent a summer with us in the Philippines and has helped us with our summer missions orientation. Brett loves the Lord and is bold in his sharing the gospel with the lost and in calling the church to repentance." 

—Jess Jennings, Nehemiah Teams

“Brett Frazier lives his life with intergrity, passion, compassion, and commitment to the Word of God. You will not find a more qualified person to serve our Lord as he has demonstrated in his personal and in his public life.” 

—Dr. Michael Spradlin, President

 Mid America Baptist Theological Seminary

ABOUt Brett

Brett is riding a wave that he didn't start.  Brett surrendered to full time ministry lying in a hospital bed located on a jungle island in South Philippines.  Since that time, it has been his clear aim to preach the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ, and to mobilize the next generation to answer God's call to make disciples of all nations. 


Jess Jennings, Nehemiah Teams

Mississippi Students? 


Unengaged, unreached people groups: 3,176

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